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Andrés González

Andrés D. González is an Assistant Professor in the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Oklahoma. He holds a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Rice University, and in Engineering from Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia). He also holds a Six-Sigma Black Belt from Arizona State University, an M.Eng. in Industrial Engineering and a B.Sc. in Physics from Universidad de los Andes. His research focuses on developing and applying analytical tools from systems dynamics, statistical physics, operations research, and civil engineering to study the dynamics associated with social and physical systems. He has worked on modeling the behavior of financial markets, designing routes and frequencies of massive transportation systems, and more recently on optimizing the resilience of critical interdependent infrastructure networks.


James Kaihatu 

James Kaihatu is a Professor with the Zachry Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Texas A&M University, where he has been since 2006. His primary expertise is in the theoretical analysis and numerical modeling of ocean surface gravity waves, including wind-wave generation, propagation over varying undersea topography, interaction with tidal currents, and dissipation along coastlines. In recent years he has expanded this modeling focus to include the prediction of hurricane-driven waves, surge and corresponding on-land sediment deposition and flooding; tsunami inundation; long-term impacts of the shamal and continued desalination activities in the Gulf region; modeling of urban flood events; and erosion of wetlands by passing weather fronts. His laboratory experience includes the investigation of tsunami interaction with coastal islands and the resulting impact on coastal inundation.  He has also participated in several field data collection campaigns, most notably post-hurricane structural damage and water level surveys (Galveston, TX post-Ike in 2008; Mexico Beach, FL post-Michael in 2018; and Abaco and Grand Bahama Islands post-Dorian in 2019).

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