The HRRC includes several staff members and a network of Core Faculty members who contribute to the leadership and operation of the Center in various capacities. HRRC also serves to connect faculty across Texas A&M who conduct research related to hazard and disasters through our Faculty Fellow program. We also have HRRC Faculty and Research Affiliates across many institutions who support the mission of the Center and collaborate with us on various projects. See our team below. If you are interested in becoming a Fellow or Affiliate, contact us.







Walter Gillis Peacock



Michelle Annette Meyer

Associate Executive Director


Yee Zhu

Administrative Assistant


Nathanel Proctor Rosenheim

Associate Research Scientist










Jason Moats, The Bush School of Government & Public Service

Maria Koliou, TAMU Civil Engineering

Nasir Gharaibeh, TAMU Civil Engineering

Ali Mostafavi, TAMU Civil Engineering

Douglass Shaw, TAMU Agricultural Economics

Laura Stough, TAMU Educational Psychology

Bryce Hannibal, The Bush School of Government & Public Service

Dan Goldberg, TAMU Geography

Mark Fossett, TAMU Sociology

Zenon Medina-Cetina, TAMU Engineering

Courtney Thompson, TAMU Geography

Ann Bowman, The Bush School of Government & Public Service

Lei Zou, TAMU Geography

Garett Sansom, TAMU Public Health




Samuel Brody, TAMU at Galveston

Tristan Wu, University of Oklahoma

Shih-Kai (Sky) Huang, Jacksonville State University

Ge Yu, University of Central Florida

Hung Lung Wei, John Jay School of Criminal Justice (NY)

Fayola Jacobs, University of Minnesota

Himanshu Grover, University of Washington

Wasley E. Highfield, TAMU at Galveston

Laurie Johnson, Consulting & Research

Jody Rosenblatt Naderi, Ball State University

Ronald W. Perry, Arizona State University

Jesse Saginor, Florida Atlantic University

Steve Quring, The Ohio State University