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The center provides course concentration areas in Hazard Planning and Emergency Management in association with Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Science (URSC) and Master of Urban Planning (MUP) This professional development opportunity includes the chance to work and study with the faculty and staff of the Hazard Reduction Recovery Center and provides an ideal platform to prepare for careers in Emergency Management, Hazard Planning and Disaster Research.

You can see what the previous recipients are doing with the certificate here: Certificate Spotlights




Environmental Hazard Management Certificate

Environmental Hazard Management (EHM) is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with an understanding of the interrelationship between the built environment and extreme events in the natural environment. The EHM Program is open to students from any graduate degree program at Texas A&M University. The core courses provide a basic understanding of the entire range of issues related to environmental hazards. Specifically, these courses address basic theory, empirical research, and practical application related to both natural and technological hazards. The courses also address the implications of disaster research for policy formulation and implementation at the household, organizational, community, regional, state, federal, and international levels. 

You can view the detailed requirements and the full list of selected courses here. If you are interested in applying, you can apply here.

If you have any questions about the certificate, please contact:

Michelle Meyer
Hazard Reduction & Recovery Center
College of Architecture
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-3137
Phone: (979) 845-7813


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