The HRRC includes several Staff Members and a network of Core Faculty members who contribute to the leadership and operation of the Center in various capacities. HRRC also serves to connect faculty across Texas A&M who conduct research related to hazard and disasters through our Faculty Fellow program. We also have HRRC Faculty and Research Affiliates across many institutions who support the mission of the Center and collaborate with us on various projects. See our team and students below. If you are interested in becoming a Fellow or Affiliate, contact us.




Michelle Annette Meyer Walter Gillis Peacock

Michelle Annette Meyer

Director, 2019-Present

Walter Gillis Peacock 

Senior Fellows



Shannon Van Zandt George Rogers

Shannon Van Zandt

Senior Fellows 

Geroge Rogers 

Senior Fellows





Nathanael Rosenheim

Director of Research

Charlene Shroulote-Durán

Liaison with IfSC




 David Bierling

Doug Wunneburger

Mapping Lead 

David Bierling

Director of Transportation





John Thomas Cooper Jr.

Director of Outreach

Jaimie Masterson

Associate Director of Outreach





Galen Newman

Liaison with CHUD

Deidra Davis

Director of Equity and Inclusion





Yee Zhu

Admin Coordinator





Core Faculty


John T. Cooper, Jr. Mark-Fossett.jpg

John T. Cooper, Jr.

Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning

Mark Fossett




Gharaibeh_Nasir.jpg goldbergdan1.jpg

Nasir Gharaibeh

Civil & Environmental Engineering 

Dan Goldberg






Bryce Hannibal

The Bush School of Government & Public Service


Jaimie Masterson

Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning





Michelle Annette Meyer

Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning

Ali Mostafavi

Civil & Environmental Enginnering





Galen Newman

Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning

Walter Gillis Peacock 

Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning





Geroge Rogers 

Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning

Nathanael Rosenheim

Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning





Laura Stough

Education & Humane Development

Shannon Van Zandt

Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning





Sierra Woodruff

Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning

Douglas Wunneburger

Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning




Post-doctoral Researchers


Smith,-Jordan-Carlee_directory.jpg Maria-Watson-COA-photo.jpg

J. Carlee Purdum

Maria Watson



Faculty Fellows


Amir Behzadan, Department of Construction Science 

Ann Bowman, The Bush School of Government & Public Service

• Tyler Fricker, Department of Geography

• Cecilia Giusti, College of Architecture

Maria Koliou, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Zenon Medina-Cetina, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Jason Moats, The Bush School of Government & Public Service

• Forster Ndubisi, Department of Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning 

Garett Sansom, TAMU Public Health

Douglass Shaw, TAMU Agricultural Economics

Courtney Thompson, Department of Geography

Lei Zou, Department of Geography



Faculty & Research Affilliates


Phil Berke, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of City and Regional Planning

Samuel Brody, TAMU at Galveston, Department of Marine Sciences

Himanshu Grover, University of Washington, Department of Urban Design & Planning

Sara Hamideh, Stony Brook University, School of Marine and Armospheric Sciences 

Marccus Hendricks, University of Maryland, College Park, Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Wasley E. Highfield, TAMU at Galveston, Department of Marine Science

Jen Horney, University of Delaware, Disaster Research Center

Shih-Kai (Sky) Huang, Jacksonville State University, Department of Emergency Management

Fayola Jacobs, University of Minnesota, Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Navid Jafari,  Louisiana State University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 

Laurie Johnson, Consulting & Research

Brant Mitchell, Louisiana State University, Stephenson Disaster Management Institute

Jody Rosenblatt Naderi, Ball State University, Department of Landscape Architecture

Lori Peek, University of Colorado Boulder, Department of Sociology 

Ronald W. Perry, Arizona State University, School of Public Affairs

Steve Quring, The Ohio State University, Department of Geography 

Ashley Ross, TAMU-Galveston, Department of Marine Science

Andy Rumbach, University of Colorado-Denver, Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Jesse Saginor, Florida Atlantic University, School of Urban & Regional Planning

Keri Stephens, University of Texas-Austin, Department of Communications Studies

Elaina Sutley, University of Kanas, Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering 

• Jennifer Tobin, University of Colorado Boulder, Natural Hazards Center

Hung Lung Wei, John Jay School of Criminal Justice (NY)

Tristan Wu, University of North Texas, Emergency Administration and Planning

Yu Xiao, Portland State University, Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning 

Ge Yue, University of Central Florida, Department of Public Administration 

Yang Zhang, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Department of Urban Affairs and Planning






Alexander Abuabara

Jennifer Blanks

Wayne Day

Donghwan Gu

• Chi Ying Huang

• Jessica Lee

Matthew Malecha

Malini Roy

Joy Semien 

Kijin Seong

• Michelle Stanley

Heather Wade

Chandler Wilkins 

Kai Wu



Judanne Lennox

Abrina Williams



• Haley Yelle

• Romel Fernandez 


Grad News 

Summer 2019 - Congratulations to Dr. Siyu Yu on the successful final defense of her dissertation, "The Influence of Plan Integration on Community Vulnerability and Ecological Resilience to Natural Hazards".


Student Workers

• Undergrad Research Assistant - Jackson Pierce

• Undergrad Office Assistant - Celeste Estrada