The Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center (HRRC), established at Texas A&M University in 1988, is an interdisciplinary research center that promotes understanding of natural and technological hazards and disasters and the human response to these events. We focus on the intersection of social, technical, and natural environments through analysis of hazard risk, social vulnerability, human responses to hazard and disasters, and planning to promote resilient and equitable communities throughout Texas, the nation, and internationally. We connect our research to education and training opportunities for students in hazards and disasters management. Our commitment to outreach supports local communities and organizations address their resilience challenges. Read more about our research, education, and outreach history and mission here or review these topics below.
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  • 2019 Spring Lecture Series - Resilience, Jao Surakitbanharn. Stanford University, Monday March 4                                                                                                   
  • Bill Anderson Fund student retreat, April 25-28                                                                                                                                                                            
  • Resilience Rising: Aggie Research on Harvey and Beyond Symposium April 25-26

Current and Past Projects 

Read about current and previously

funded research projects by staff,

students, and faculty fellows.

Environmental Hazard Management


Learn more and apply for the graduate

student certificate.

Coastal Atlas

Review interactive maps of your

community’s social and physical

vulnerability to hazards.


Find books, journal articles,

preliminary papers, reports,

and presentations by HRRC scholars.

Student Spotlight

Meet graduate and undergraduate

student research assistants and learn

about their projects.

Hurricane Evacuation Study

See 2016 evacuation zones for the

Valley area of Texas, developed by

HRRC scholars.

By Topic

Review research summaries by topical

area from evacuation and mitigation to

recovery and resilience.

Bill Anderson Fund (BAF)

HRRC is an Academic Partner of the

BAF supporting diversity in the  hazard

and disaster field.

Hazard and Recovery Planning

HRRC supports Texas Target

Communities in applied hazard and

disaster planning projects.


Meet our staff, core faculty, faculty

fellow, and associate faculty fellows

across TAMU and beyond.

HazDis Student Organization

Interested in HAZards and DISasters?

Join the interdisciplinary  student


Useful Resources

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and our colleagues across the disaster




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